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Can I use the internet during Everest Base Camp Trek

Can I use the internet during Everest Base Camp Trek


The internet has become the prime need for people. As a basic need, people try to be on the internet as much as possible in the present context. Although people go trekking to remain away from the hustle and give some peace and serenity to their mind, they require to contact their relatives and people they love. Also, some people need to be aware of their work and the world. Hence, the internet has become very important in the Everest Base Camp trek.

From among the FAQs of the Everest Base Camp trek, ‘Can I use the internet during Everest Base Camp’ is one of the essential and most asked questions. In recent days, trekking to the Everest Base camp has become of the dream destinations for trekkers around the world. Despite the adventurous and challenging trek, people are concerned if they will be able to use internet facilities on the way or not.

As the Everest Base Camp trek ranges for around 10 to 14 days, people get concerned about getting access to their friends, home, and work. Hence, they require the internet during the trip. Also, as the world has become a global village, people want to access anything from anywhere they want. So, the internet has become a vital need for people. Hence, the internet has been available in the major trekking destinations of the world at the high altitudes too.

On the way to EBC, you need to make sure that you need the Everest Base Camp guide. A guide can guide you in better ways to access wifi and other internet services. In the EBC trekking trails, you can find many free wifi or get an Everest Link Card for Wifi. However, the card and the open wifi foes do not work correctly. Hence, gaining access to the internet can be troublesome in the area. According to the experience of the experts, they do not recommend free wifi or the Everest Link Card.

Moreover, private and free wifi is also available at the tea houses and hotels where people have food and take rest. However, it is essential for the trekkers not to rely on it as they are unreliable.

The best thing a trekker can use is mobile data to use the internet connection while they trek to the Everest Base Camp. The Everest Base Camp trek difficulty might be somewhat lessened while the travels get access to the internet facilities. However, you might face problems with the mobile network in the Everest Base Camp because of the high altitude. Unlike Everest Base camp, the mobile network in Annapurna Base Camp is a little good.

Mobile Coverage Internet Access in the Everest Base Camp

Talking about internet access in the Everest Base Camp, the easiest way of getting the internet is by using a mobile phone. Until the year 2010, there was no mobile coverage in the region, and accessing the internet was difficult. However, in the modern days, connections are available there. In the year 2010, a three connection was established on the Everest Base Camp trekking routes. The phone signal was available on the Everest Base Camp by the contribution of the Nepalese telecommunication company, NCELL. Hence, people have access to 2G and 3G connections these days.

NCELL has set up a station at an altitude of around 5200 meters in the Everest region. Hence, the station provides a signal to the trekkers while they trek to the Everest Base Camp. With the help of 2G and 3G networks, people can now use social media, access emails, SOS calls, maps, and some emergency medical calls. These days, the mobile network is powerful enough for people to video call.

Because the signal is not so stable, the mobile network can also be sometimes unreliable. However, it is better than the free wifi available.


 Wifi Spots around the Everest Base Camp

Because the mobile service might not work at times, there are some places with free wifi and hotspots in the Everest region. Also, there are some destinations where you can access wifi by paying some fee.

In Lukla, you can access the internet at the cost of USD 1 per hour. The coverage is done with a 3G network. In Phakding and Namche Bazar, you can access the free wifi for an hour in the tea houses and cafes. In Tyangbboche, Dingboche, and Lobuche, you can find a good internet signal with around USD 5-10 per hour.


Make sure that you have your devices charged and carry other external supports like power banks and extra batteries.