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Everest Base Camp trek in November

Everest Base Camp trek in November


Well, if you are planning to trek to Everest Base Camp in November, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. There are pros as well as cons of trekking to Everest Base Camp in November. Let’s discuss the details of the trek to Everest Base Camp in November.


Talking about the weather of the Everest in November, there is very little chance of rainfall. Thus, November is the driest month of the year in this region. The opportunity of the crisp mountain views is much higher, and the humidity is relatively low than other months of the year. Well, the temperatures at higher parts of Everest are very cold. However, the weather is very clear as there is an extremely low chance of rainfall. To be more specific, November seems to be the best month to trek to Everest.

Cost and Crowdedness

October and November are very busy months as most of the trekkers prefer to trek to Everest Base Camp on these months. However, the number of trekkers gradually decreases towards the end of the month. However, you will undoubtedly come across a lot of travelers as Everest Base Camp is one of the most popular trekking spots in Nepal. Well, in this month, teahouses fill up very quickly. Due to the possibility of crowdedness, you can get a good guide who will help you make your stay at a comfortable teahouse. Further, the flights to Lukla from Kathmandu will also fill up very fast. So, you need to make your bookings earlier.

Best Route options

The traditional route is very famous when it comes to trekking to Everest Base Camp. Thus, you want to avoid the busy trails and instead select the alternative routes to Everest Base Camp. These alternative routes will also provide you the mesmerizing views of the mountains, lakes, and glaciers. Well, the Ama Dablam Base Camp Trek, The Gokyo Lakes Trek, and other trails are the best alternatives to head to Everest. Further, many of the trails meet with each other at some point.

Moreover, if you are planning to trek in November, you need to make sure about the condition of the trails. Routes such as the Three Passes Trek, which require crossing high passes, can be blocked by snowfall in this season.

Events that take place in November

Well, some festivals fall in October, November, and December, according to the lunar calendar. The people residing in the Everest region are mostly Sherpas, and they follow Buddhism. Well, they don’t follow exactly the same festivals as the Hindus residing in the Hill region of Nepal. However, if you are planning to visit in November, you may come across the famous festival, Tihar. Well, Tihar is the festival of lights, and it is considered to be the most lovely time of the year.

Furthermore, the major festival of the Sherpa community living in the Everest region is Mani Rimdu. This festival falls in October or November. It’s best if you plan to be in Tengboche to celebrate and observe this festival. Tengboche is the most famous monastery in the Everest region. In this festival, monks are dressed in elaborate and colorful costumes to perform their rituals.

What you must carry

If you bring your sleeping bag, this will be the best thing you will do if you trek in November as you will require some extra warmth. Some tea houses are providing blankets. However, you will not find them comforting and clean. So, you will instead prefer to pile the blanket on top of your sleeping bag. Further, you should compulsorily carry your sunscreen. There is a high chance of your skin getting damaged due to the weather condition of the high-altitude and the sunshine there. Also, some sunscreens that suit you in Kathmandu may not work here. So, you need to bring the one that is best for the environment here.

How to get here and get back home

Well, the fastest and the easiest way to get to the Everest region from Kathmandu is to take a flight to Lukla. As the weather condition during November is fine, there won’t be much chance of your flight getting delayed. After arriving in Lukla, you can take the route of your own choice. There are many route options available and you can select them according to your comfort. Also, it will be very helpful if you select and take a good guide with you. Thus, they will have an idea about the road condition and details about the trails.