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Everest Base Camp Trekking & Tour in Nepal with Joyful Trekking

Joyful trekking and tour company is Nepal’s best and unique trekking company with an Eco-friendly environment system on Mountain’s base country of Nepal. We are an established company specialized in Tour, Trekking and Expedition business in all over Nepal. We are offering best class services to our clients since 2,010 AD. We are running this company to prove the old Nepali famous proverb that “Guests are Gods to us”. If you have the wish to explore every corner of Nepal then we are here to fulfill your wish to be filled.

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10 Days USD 1200

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Bella from China

Bella from China


Eric is a very considerate and professional guide. The trip to ABC with him was much easier with his help. He tried his best to meet the customers’ demands, and sometimes he was really the life saver considering I was always the ‘careless’ person. Besides, the trip with him was a lot of fun because he also liked to make jokes and shared his life stories with us. You can really treat him as a good friend and a reliable trekking teammate, as well. Many thanks to you, Eric. I would like to recommend him to any of my friends who is interested in Nepal trekking to go with Joyful Trekking and Tours.




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Barbosa Fernandes

Barbosa Fernandes


It was the best time every have in my life after we found EBC Trek online we try to know more about the package and they let us know all the process and explained through. After booking we arrived in Kathmandu and the staffs were really friendly and professional. The trip was really amazing as well as difficulty. It was a once in a 
life time expecience and we are very thankful to all the staffs specially our guide and the potter who helped me alot personally to make this memoraiable trip. I would recommend them to everyone who is looking to a lifetime experience in Himalayas.

Kama L

Kama L

I recently (Oct 2013) visited Nepal and Mt Kailash. Birendra was recommended through a friend of mine who also owns a travel company.

Originally I was apprehensive as I was traveling alone but his prompt replies and willingness to respond to my concerns ensured I felt safe during all parts of my trip. Safely was his utmost concern. He was also exceptionally helpful when things didn't quite go to plan.

I would recommend this company to anyone looking to tour Nepal, Tibet and surrounding areas. I also plan to use them again in the future.

Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

We wanted to tour Nepal/Tibet by private car as a couple.We did this in India and after a lot of internet research found an outstanding company. (See earlier review) We did the same due diligence in this case. We selected Visit Nepal-Treks and soon were in communication with a young man who runs the place named Birendra. We are just back from our two weeks of touring and thru all of our leadup internet communications and our direct contact with him on our trip he organized we found him a man of the highest integrity and a quick and able communicator as well as being very bright.We were a week in Nepal with daily tours and a week in Tibet with the same driver and guide over our 600 mile journey.The guides provided as well as our drivers were outstanding. The area around Kathmandu is really interesting. You do go one night away to see the sunrise come up over the Himalayas which was quite a sight. We stayed at the Shanker Hotel in Kathmandu for a total ,of 7 days in and out. Great Place look at it on Tripadvisor. It was our choice. They store your bags until your return as you move about the region. They are a 10 minute walk or $2.00 cab ride to Thamel. We flew to Lhasa Tibet from Kathmandu. Get a left side window because Mt. Everest comes right up as do the rest of the Himalayas. It is a direct and close fly by that you will never forget. Cameras at the ready. In Tibet we stayed at the Sheraton 4 points in Lhasa and smaller inns/guest houses on our travels over the Tibetan plain.We purposely went in November to have the best chance at the clearest weather. In the two weeks we were there not a cloud within a thousand miles. We had the honor of having Nagawang as our guide and Kelsang as our driver for the week in Tibet. Try to get that Tibet pairing thru Birendra as you make your arrangements. They never leave your side but are not suffocating.

Storm T. Frederiksen

Storm T. Frederiksen

All aspects of the organisation with the offices were handled in a professional way speedy replies to emails and very accurate information, very easy to do business with. Our guide and the team of porters did a good jump always happy and an outstanding mountaineering guide
Thank You Great Everest Trek memories of a life time and I will return again.

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