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Yala Peak Climbing

Trip Description

Trip Introduction

Yala Peak has an altitude of 5,550 meters and is one of the best peaks for mountain climbing. The Yala Peak climbing is one of the safest mountain climbing in Nepal. It does not require any permit and is great for the first time climbers too. As it is the smallest of the trekking peaks of Nepal, you can conquer the Yala peak in short days.

Overview of the trip

While you climb to the Yala Peak, you need to head to the northeast from Dhunche. As you follow the Langtang valley, you pass through a mountainous terrain with forests that has hilly slopes. Also, you can find some valleys too. You will also get to encounter glaciers and peaks. Throughout the path, you will pass through different areas with human settlements. Although this place is less populated, the hospitality of the people living here is fantastic. The tradition and culture around Yala Peak are highly affected by the Tibetan. You will find people who follow the Tibetan culture and tradition throughout the path.  You will get to walk through a rocky path, which will take you to the peak of the Yala peak. You cannot simply trek without facing the challenges. Hence, get ready for everything that comes beforehand.

Talking about the initial point of the peak climbing, peak climbing starts at the 1505 meters from a valley named Suryabensi, which 9 hours drive from the Trishuli River gorge. As the trek starts, you will get to encounter the beautiful sub-tropical forests as you climb higher up in the Langtang Valley. The forests get thinner as you go up, and the valley widens. Reaching to the Langtang village, you will see a great view of the mighty Shishapangama, Langtang Lirung, Dorje Lakpa, and Lenpo Gang.

As you proceed, you will also face beautiful monasteries on the way. The last settlement o the trail is on the Kyanjin Gompa, which is around 3970 meters. It is an ancient Buddhist monastery with settlements surrounding it. Also, it has many chortens as you walk through the path. You will also encounter glacier at the hight of 4350 meters, which is Kyanjin Ri glacier. With it, you will get a clear view of the snow-capped mountains.

The Yala Peak Base Camp is at an altitude of 4800 meters. You can have a fantastic view from the summit as you will get to see LangtangLirusng in the west, Shishapangma mountain, which is in the Nepal-Tibet border, Langshisa Peak and Morimoto Peak.

Best Season of Yala Peak Climbing

If you want to climb Yala Peak, you should choose the spring or the autumn season. The spring season is from the month of March to May in Nepal, and the autumn season is from the month of September to late November. During the autumn and the spring season, Yala peak climbing is very popular. You can find many tourists. Hence, it might be crowded. Hence, you can choose the months from December to February if you want to climb with no crowd. However, the weather during the months of December to February can be really hectic as it is winter in Nepal. So, you should choose spring or the autumn season for a clear view of the sky.

Difficulties of Yala Peak Climbing

 Talking about the difficulty of Yala Peak Climbing, this is not a problematic summit to conquer. However, it is not to easy as well. As peak climbing requires you to conquer a summit, you have a hard time. Altitude sickness could be a major issue, and you might face different problems in your body. So, it difficult for the climbers to conquer the peak. Also, during the winter season, the weather can be extremely harsh, which can hamper the climb.

Hence, it would help if you chose a good season before you plan your trek to climb the Yala peak. Your Yala Peak climbing will be one of the most adventurous and memorable lifetime journeys. You will have a great time climbing the summit. However, you need to be aware of the fact that conquering this summit might sometimes require a professional guide. Make sure you hire a professional guide so that it becomes easier for you.

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Trip At Glance

Activities Trekking and peak climbing
Destination Nepal
Max Elevation 5,550 Meters